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November 2013

Hello Montana!

It has been a busy time in our Bozeman ESOL classroom. Some of our friends have returned to their countries, while we are meeting new ones on a weekly basis! The past week we have been exploring feelings and emotions, and how to express them in English. The beginners have learned about pronouncing different emotions, and how to talk about their feelings with other people. The intermediates have looked at feelings and color idioms, and worked on projects with these idioms. We all wrote stories about when we've felt "green with envy," "tickled pink," or "blue." Students really challenged themselves on their individual levels and it was fun to watch.

Next week we will learn about Thanksgiving, and our mini project for the week will incorporate maps, directions, and speaking. By Thanksgiving, students will be able to write and talk about directions to and from their house. This will be a great skill to have when family and friends start coming in to celebrate the holidays :)

Furthermore, we had a great time the week of Halloween. In what has now become an annual tradition, we carved some beautiful pumpkins, as you can see below. On Halloween itself we told self-written ghost stories, talked about Halloween "recipes," and of course dressed up!

Hope everyone is doing well and we look forward to hearing from you.



Carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins

Our class and finished products!


Cecilia showing us how to trick or treat

Our class party

May 2013


Here is the link for Bozeman's "Across the U.S." presentations. We will post our full presentations next week!

Thanks and have a great weekend :)

- Bozeman

February 2013

Hello Montana!

In January and February we have been working hard to create projects about our "hometowns." We have been having a lot of fun telling each other about where we are from. Please look through some of our hard work!

Kumamoto, Japan: by Rumiko

Cairo, Egypt: by Wesam

We would love to share more but many presentation files are too big to upload. Hope you enjoy this one! Thank you for looking!


October 2012

Hello everyone!

We wanted to share some pictures from Halloween with you! We received 10 pumpkins from a local farm and had a good time carving them. It was very exciting because some of us had not carved a pumpkin before. Here you can see what we came up with:



Today we also had a holiday party to celebrate the end of 2012. We hope you are having a good time too. Thank you for sharing your work with us. We will share more next year!

- Bozeman

Great Job!!!!