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Project 1
Exploring U.S. Citizenship Project
The Task

As part of a collaborative project on U.S. Citizenship, you will work with your assigned groups at your site to research and explore a step from the list below to becoming a U.S. Citizen. Your group will use the information you research to create your PowerPoint slides. You will give a group presentation and share the key information on your topic with the class. Each groups’ PowerPoint slides will be sequenced to create a whole MT group presentation. Site presentations can be shared via Skype with other participating MT ESOL sites and all PP slides will be combined and published on to the student ESOL WIKI.
The Presentation and PowerPoint
Use your researched knowledge and multimedia resources to plan a multimedia class presentation of your chosen topic on citizenship. This presentation should accurately and clearly address the assigned steps.
Assignments by site: Bozeman Steps 1-4; Great Falls Steps 5-9
9 Steps to Becoming an American Citizen:
  • Step 1: Find out if you are eligible – What are the requirements?
  • Step 2: Complete an application and collect the necessary documents -Where on Internet is that application?
  • Step 3: Get Photographed –What are the photo requirements?
  • Step 4: Send your application, documents, and fee to the Service Center Where?
  • Step 5: Get Fingerprinted Where and how much do finger prints cost?
  • Step 6: What is on the Naturalization test? Outline big topics you must know
  • Step 7: Being Interviewed How to prepare?
  • Step 8: Receive a decision Time line and mode of contact?
  • Step 9: Take the oath and become a citizen Where and when in MT?

Research Website Resources

U.S. Citizenship

Guide to Naturalization


US Citizenship Apply Guide

Citizenship rights and Responsibilities**citizenship**/.../**citizenship**-.